What does Samue mean?

What does Samue mean?

What does Samuel mean?Samue is one of Japanese Kimono Dress. “Samu” means everyday work and “e” means clothing. Samue was originally worn by Zen priests(monks) during their labor work. After that Samue have become popular with artists, workers, and craftsman of all paths. Lightweight fabric and roomy design offer freedom of movement, making it ideal for work, study or relaxing around the house. The shape of the prototype was kimono, spread as work clothes, but it is not unique to monks and craftsman at present, it is widely used by general people as room clothes and relaxing clothes suitable for Japanese lifestyle.

Good points of Samue

Good points of Samue

1. Easy to wear
Compare to kimono, samue has less regulations.There are no rules such as when, where, how to wear. It has variety in materials, so you can enjoy various textures throughout the seasons. You can enjoy easyly Japanese clothing by dressing samue. Yukata and Jinbei (another kind of Kimono Dress) are mostly worn in the summer season while Samue fits all seasons.

2. Functional
Because samue is originally made as working clothes, it is very functional, easy to wear and it also allows freedom of movement.

3. Feel comfortable
Samue is also popular as the uniform of Zen meditation. Zen meditation was brought to Japan from China. It is the idea to concentrate with relaxing your body. Samue is the best uniform for Zen meditation because it does not constrict your body. It is also worn when having tea ceremony, doing martial arts or playing Japanese traditional instruments.

There are various types of Samue. Click on the image below to go to the purchase site.

Samue clothing Jinbei clothing

How to Dress Samue?

To wear the pants of Samue, As with clothes, you only need to put your feet on and put on your waist string in front of you. To wear the outerwear of Samue, simply tie one string on the inside through the sleeve, and then tie one string on the outside. Very easy to wear. See the video for details.

Do you know the difference between Samue and Jinbei?

Jinbei is also Traditional Japanese relaxing clothes. If you want to the difference between Samue and Jinbei, please check the article.