Samue are easy to wear traditional Japanese outfits

Idaseni Co., Ltd. is Japan’s top professional manufacturer, making the finest quality samue with Japanese craftsmen. We offer our own original brand, Wasuian.

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The Characteristics of Idaseni


・With over 1,000 SKU with just samue, we offer the greatest variation in Japanese samue nation wide.

・We make our products with all Japanese fabrics with the assistance of long standing and traditional fabric producers nation wide, including Ojiya-chijimi (Niigata) which is known for its Ramie, Omi-chijimi (Shiga), Kaihara Denim (Hiroshima), which has the largest share on the domestic denim market, Enshu Orimono (Shizuoka), known for its cotton fabrics, Awa Shijira-ori (Tokushima), and Bushu Aizome (Saitama).

100% Made in Japan/High Quality

・Although most Japanese businesses sew their clothing overseas, we are rare in our insistence on using traditional techniques used by Japanese craftsmen in our manufacturing, and work to train young craftsmen.
・We ensure that everything is 100% made in Japan to be thorough in our creation of the samue, an important piece of Japanese culture.

・We have our own sewing factory specifically for the manufacture of samue, and combine traditional clothing production techniques with modern technology, for a high standard of quality with no compromises made.

The Characteristics of the Samue

What kind of clothing is it

・Unlike kimono and yukata, the samue was originally a work outfit for Zen monks, making them highly functional, and are the closest Japanese garment to Western clothing.
・A variety of craftsmen in Japan wear samue to this day, such as monks and chief priests in temples, those who create Japanese cuisine, including sushi, soba, udon, and ramen chefs, carpenters, potters, and Japanese gardeners. The samue is a garment suited to Japanese culture, and is one that is loved by Japanese craftsmen.
・The samue is often used in a variety of Japanese cultural practices, including Zen, bonsai, Japanese cuisine, Japanese instruments, pottery, flower arrangement, calligraphy, tea ceremonies, judo, kendo, and archery.
・With the functionality that comes from being created and recreated as a work outfit, and because it was born from Zen ideals, it is a garment that helps the person wearing it to relax as they stretch themselves out and get prepare to be active, and have more recently been used as relax wear by the average consumer as dressing gowns and casual wear.
・It is a garment that is perfect to return Japanese style including concepts such as “Wa” and “Iki” into our Westernized lifestyle.
・Samue consist of tops and bottoms, and can be worn by anyone by simply tying a knot.
・Samue have styles for each of Japan’s seasons, including spring, summer, autumn, and winter types, and can therefore be worn all year around.
・There are a variety of fabrics used in samue, but most of those made by Wasuian can be washed in the washing machine in your home, as you would with Western clothing, making them easy to wash and maintain.

About Wasuian

Wasuian is an original brand of samue manufactured by Idaseni Co., Ltd. Idaseni Co., Ltd. is a top professional manufacturer of samue, and Japanese craftsmen produce samue of the highest quality. This “” is our official global e-commerce site of Wasuian. In addition, “” is our official Japanese site for sale in Japan.

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