Ice Cotton Oumi Chijimi Samue

A work clothes made of ice cotton fabric that balances gentle skin and refreshing feeling

Ice cotton is a cotton yarn developed in Switzerland and features a sharpness and a high-contact cooling sensation that are not found in ordinary cotton materials. Omi Chumi’s technology is used to create beautiful grain that reduces contact with the skin, and a new work suit that is perfect for staying cool in summer is now available. It has both gentle texture and refreshing feeling.

[Naturally-derived high-performance materials born from ultra-high twist technology]

Ice cotton is a high-performance material derived from nature, created by the characteristics of super-strong twist with high technology. In the case of ordinary cotton yarn, the “ fuzz ” present in the yarn creates an air layer and provides heat retention, but ice cotton, which is a super strong twist yarn, eliminates the air layer by suppressing the fuzz as much as possible, Brings you the “contact coldness” function. You can spend a cool summer in the cool and dry summer with natural cotton.

Both natural and high-performance]

The function of ice cotton is not a drug or a synthetic material, but it is realized through a carefully selected cotton with good quality, a modified spinning machine by Swiss technology, and a meticulous and time-consuming process. This is a high-performance material that can be used by people.