Made in Japan

・ Samugi is a traditional Japanese kimono that can be worn easily.
・ Ida Textile Co., Ltd. is Japan’s No. 1 professional manufacturer of samurai garments that are carefully manufactured one by one by Japanese craftsmen.

・ It is a company that has more than 1,000 product SKUs only in samurai garments and has the most variations of Japanese production garments in Japan.
・ While many Japanese companies that make garments sew overseas or hire foreign trainees in Japan, they have consistently handed down traditional techniques using only Japanese craftsmen. It is a rare company in Japan that nurtures young craftsmen.
・ Because it is a clothing called samurai with Japanese culture, it has a genuine Made in Japan.
・ Has its own garment factory specializing in the production of samurai garments and combines traditional Japanese techniques with the latest equipment technology to produce products with high quality standards without compromise.

・ Sangi, unlike kimono and yukata, is originally a Zen monk’s work clothes, so it is a kimono that is very functional and closest to the outfit.
・ In Japan, various “artisans” such as “temple priests and monks”, “craftsmen who make Japanese food” such as sushi, soba, udon and ramen, woodworkers, pottery, gardeners in Japanese gardens, etc. are still wearing work clothes. Samue is a clothing suitable for Japanese culture and is loved by Japanese craftsmen.
・ Samugi is used habitually on various Japanese culture roads such as Zen, Bonsai, Japanese food, Japanese musical instruments, pottery, flower arrangement, calligraphy, tea ceremony, judo, kendo, and archery.
-Functionality that was originally born and improved as work clothes, and clothes that were born from “Zen”. In recent years, it has become popular as general people’s relaxation wear, room wear, and everyday wear.
・ Appropriate clothing that incorporates the Japanese style of “Japanese” and “smart” into the modern Westernized living environment.
・ Samugi is an easy-to-wear garment that can be easily worn by anyone just by tying it with a string.
・ Samugi clothing is available in spring, summer, autumn, and winter styles according to the four seasons of Japan, and can be worn throughout the year.
・ There are various fabric work clothes, but most of the work clothes of Wakusuikan are clothes that can be washed with a washing machine at home as well as normal clothes.

About us

Ida Textile Co., Ltd. is the Japanese garment manufacturer of Kiryu that has been renowned as a textile town for about 1300 years.